4 Ways to Improve Your Logo


It’s life and death. It’s kill or be killed. It’s the decision that will drive you to reach all of your dreams and ambitions ... or it’s just another logo.


In an increasing tech based world, how important is your business logo? It’s everything. Customers are flooded with images, content and stories from your competitors... online, offline, finish line... it’s everywhere.

Choosing the right logo means capturing your business identity while capturing the customer’s attention. Now, more than ever there are affordable graphic design options, in house graphic designers and companies that can bring your idea from thought to production.

Here are some ideas to keep in mind when choosing your logo:

Keep it simple:

Embroidery branding is key to sustaining customer relationships and achieving referrals, but in order to get those referrals, you need branding that says “just enough” for potential customers to understand.

Can you tell someone about your business in one sentence? A phrase? One word? This is the principal of a great logo.

Don’t crowbar three thoughts into your logo. Say it plainly. Ask the people around you if your logo idea “tells them what you do.”

embroidery winston salem north carolina and more digitize

This logo says exactly what the company does. Embroidery and More. What's the more? That's what you want to find out!

Work with a graphic design knowledgeable, embroidery specialist that understands your ideas completely.

Make your image tell the story:

There are tons of logo “makers” and templates, but embroidery specialists will tell you that only certain designs will capture someone’s attention. If your custom logo includes an image, the most important element is “telling” your story through the image. In other words, if your design is shapes but your business is woodworking - you’d be better off with simple business name monogramming.

dre's detailing embroidery winston salem north carolina

This logo shows you the top of a vehicle and says "Dre's Detailing" It's easy to see in one swift glance that this company details cars. 

Images capture attention. They draw in the eye. They act as an instant recall to your business and set a template for your customer to employee interactions. Branding your uniform creates trust and sales.

A great embroidered hat, apron or shirt with your logo tells the story of your business with the image itself. Imagine yourself in school, drawing this logo in a note book and aim for that feeling.

S&S metal winston salem embroidery

Would someone else wear this:

Many companies embroider shirts and hats to sell to the customers. Whether you’re a business owner, group member, on a team or just looking to represent your brand during transactions, style is a must for great embroidered logos.

Your logo will speak to the professionalism, culture and concept of your brand. A customer will consider your logo and their experience with you as one thing. Provide great experiences to your consumer and they will treat each interaction with someone wearing your embroidered brand in a positive fashion.

chris inspires you embroidery sweater sweatshirt design digitize

North Carolina inspiration speaker "Chris Inspires You" sells many designs of his hoodies across a vast array of different messages!

Sleek designs are not only good for branding, but they easily incorporate into most “looks.” To the point, shapely logos make for interesting fashion accessories such as patches, hats and other headwear.

Go pro:

Logos are as important to your brand as the ethics of your culture. You’ve got to cut clutter and get to the root of what people absolutely need to know. In a world of endless apps it’s tempting to make the journey alone. Consulting an embroidery specialist will increase your chances of creating the right graphic design for the people you want to reach. You’ve got to know if your concept can be digitized, scale properly and a professional opinion from people that see prosperous branding everyday.

Having the right people help you (designers, marketers, digitizers, custom creators, embroidery makers) is absolutely crucial to tell your story in the most effective way. There are even places that specialize in all of these diverse areas, in one single stop.

Example: Our company sponsors a local Softball league. Our team name is The Stitchers. Here's our concept from first hand drawing, to finalized logo, to embroidery. All done here in house. 

embroidery and more stitchers winston salem triad softball league

Here is the first hand drawn version done on the iPad Pro. This was the concept. embroidery and more winston salem stitchers triad softball league

Here is the finalized digital vector. We took the concept, cleaned it up, gave him an angrier smile and added a hat with the Embroidery and More logo. While making sure we incorporated a baseball bat and a sewing needle. 

embroidery and more triad softball league stitchers winston salem north carolina

Our first stitch out of the logo. This will be finalized and put on our hats and coach shirts to represent the team logo fully.


Branding is a murky process when you go it alone. But it can be one of the most rewarding experiences, in both finances and customer relationships, when you find the right team to bring your vision to life.

Because a bad logo may not necessarily harm you, but a great logo will absolutely help you to achieve your goals.

Contact us now to discuss taking your brand/logo from concept to full implementation.