FreezetheComedian CUSTOM Video/Shout Out


Freeze will make you ANY custom video you want in his Aggressive Motivation voice. Or in a whisper... whatever it is you want! He also has many accents/impressions. Ask about them!

Any thing you want him to say. Just make sure to write it in the comments/gift note section on your order and include a valid email address so it can be sent over upon completion. Please allow up to 24 hours for private and up to 3 days for Posting to my Tik Tok,

If you have specific request please be specific. Include an email address in your order in case I have questions. I want to make sure it's 100% to your liking!

Who needs Cameo? See my Tik Tok Page Here:

This is a digital product. 

Explanation of Variants:

Brand Shout Out: This is for any brand, podcast, DJ, musician, ect that wants it as a promotional item where I talk about or talk up their brand. 

Personal Fun: This would be like "Yell at me to remember to change my babies diapers" or "remind me to eat lunch"

Other: Literally anything else. 

--Post On My Tik Tok: Self explanatory - I'll post it on my Tik Tok and tag you. Make sure if you choose this option I have your Tik Tok handle/name. If you have specific hashtags you want, list them as well.

--Privately: I'll email it directly to you. You're free to post it where ever, just tag me so I can like it!