Don't Be Stupid, Stupid Face Masks


For every 3 Masks sold I will make 1 and donate it to a local healthcare worker (or straight to the hospitals in the area) If you'd like to donate towards extra donation masks you can see the info here.

Embroidery & More is offering Face Masks made of 2 layers of cloth + 2 internal layers for added protection. Embroidery & More makes no health claims - and these should only be used in lieu of proper N95 or other FDA approved masks. 

The Don't Be Stupid, Stupid Face Mask will come on the fabric of my choosing but will have the special design you choose.. If you'd like a basic design mask you can find them here.

These will include an inserted nose bridge for shaping to your face and 1/4inch wide elastic for around the ears attachment. These are washable/reusable. 

If you'd like a specific color/design please email me and we can work that out together! I will try adding new fabrics as I acquire them!

Thank you for supporting small business. 

If you choose local pickup/delivery then please put your phone number in the comments so I can call you and work out when we can meet with your product!