Loony Toons x NFL Teams Embroidered Patches


Embroidered patches inspired by the NFL and Loony Toons. They are made to order! These patches are made on Marine Vinyl and Polyback twill (unless polyback twill isn't available in the color background I'd need; in that case it will be straight onto vinyl.

These were digitized by me. Made by me right here in North Carolina. They ship as soon as I can get them made (there may be delay while I wait for twill to come in in some colors).

All patches will be 4.5 inches on either height or width - whichever is larger. 

These will include Iron on backing at no extra cost. You can see them all here

NFL Team                            Loony Tunes Version

Arizona Cardinals                   Arizona Chickenhawks
Atlanta Falcons                       Atlanta Do-Dos
Baltimore Ravens                   Baltimore Beaky Buzzards
Buffalo Bills                            Buffalo Fudds
Carolina Panthers                  Carolina Furrballs 
Chicago Bears                         Chicago Porkys
Cincinnati Bengals                  Cincinnati Cool Cats
Cleveland Browns                   Cleveland Hectors
Dallas Cowboys                      Dallas Yosemete Sams
Denver Broncos                      Denver Lola Bunnys
Detroit Lions                           Detroit Sylvesters
Green Bay Packers                 Green Bay Speedys
Houston Texans                    Houston Toros
Indianapolis Colts                   Indianapolis Tweetys
Jacksonville Jaguars             Jacksonville Sheepdogs
Kansas City Chiefs                  Kansas City Gossamers
Los Angeles Chargers            Los Angeles Roadrunners
Los Angeles Rams                  Los Angeles Hippity Hoppers
Miami Dolphins                       Miami Michigan J Frogs
Minnesota Vikings                   Minnestoa Colonel Shuffle
New England Patriots              New England Bugs Bunny
New Orleans Saints                 New Orleans Pepe Lepew
New York Giants                      New York Abominable Giants
New York Jets                          New York Plucky Ducks
Oakland Raiders                       Oakland Devils
Philadelphia Eagles                  Philadelphia Daffys
Pittsburgh Steelers                  Pittsburg Wile E Coyotes
San Francisco 49ers                 San Francisco Martin Bros
Seattle Seahawks                   Seattle Foghorns
Tampa Bay Buccaneers            Tampa Bay Grannys
Tennessee Titans                   Tenessee Marvins
Washington Redskins               Washington Witch Hazels