Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Replica Weapons Embroidered Patches


Embroidered patches inspired by the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. All 5 of the original MMPR Weapons plus Green Dragon Dagger for the Green Ranger and White Saba Sword for the White Ranger. They are made to order! These patches are made on Marine Vinyl and Polyback twill (some colors may ship later because of needing restock)

I can make any type of patch - so if you have something else you'd want just message me!

Sample patch image sizes:
Green Dagger is 9 inches tall
White Ranger Saba is 11.5 inches tall.
Red Ranger Sword is 17 inches in this photo.
Blue Power Lance is 10.5 Inches
Pink Power Bow is 17 inches
Yellow Power Dagger is 9.5 inches
Blade Blaster is 10.5 inches

Due to size limitations because of the heavy detail: be weary that smaller sizes of things like the Red Sword my not be as detailed!- but bigger up to a max of 17 inches on any of them is completely possible and will be big and beautiful.

By Ordering you will receive ONE patch. So make sure you choose the right one.

Choice of:
Blade Blaster
Red Ranger Power Sword
Black Ranger Power Axe
Blue Ranger Power Lance
Yellow Ranger Power Dagger
Pink Ranger Power Bow
Green Ranger Dragon Dagger
White Ranger Sword: Saba

These will include Iron on backing at no extra cost.

This IS a physical, finished patch that will be shipped to you!