Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Morpher w/ Coin Embroidered Patch


Embroidered patches inspired by the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. They are made to order! These patches are made on Marine Vinyl and Polyback twill (some colors may ship later because of needing restock)

These were digitized by me. Made by me right here in North Carolina. They ship as soon as I can get them made (there may be delay while I wait for twill to come in in some colors). 

Sample Images are 5.8 inches wide. By choosing a variant coin - you are choosing the coin in the center of the morpher. The morpher can be any background color (doesn't have to be silver) let me know in the comments if you want that different.  

Choose any of the original Mighty Morphin Power Ranger coins from both the show and the movie.

Black Ranger: 
Mastodon Patch(Original)
Frog Patch (Ninjetti)

Pink Ranger:
Pterodactyl Patch(Original)
Crane Patch (Ninjetti)

Yellow Ranger:
Saber-Toothed Tiger Patch(Original)
Bear Patch (Ninjetti)

Blue Ranger:
Triceratops Patch(Original)
Wolf Patch (Ninjetti)

Red Ranger:
Tyrannosaurus Patch(Original)
Ape Patch (Ninjetti)

Green Ranger:
Dragon Coin Patch (Original)

White Ranger:
White Tiger Patch(Original)
White Ninja Falcon Patch (Ninjetti)

These will include Iron on backing at no extra cost.